McNair/ROP Travel Opportunities

SELECTION CRITERIA FOR ANY TRIP SPONSORED BY UNM MCNAIR/ROP: Sponsored travel by McNair/ROP is a benefit and privilege for scholars who have met the standards of the McNair/ROP Program. Sponsored travel is NOT guaranteed nor required, and selection is based on the following: availability of program funding, final approval of the program director, and the travel selection criteria/policy specified below.

Preference will be given to scholars who meet ALL of the following criteria:

–One must complete a travel proposal form
–Must have completed UNM McNair/ROP’s Summer Research Internship with satisfactory performance and attendance
–Satisfactory attendance at McNair/ROP Seminars and advisement sessions
–Are applying or already applied to graduate school in the fall of the proposed trip
–Are scheduled or have already taken the GRE and or MCAT/LSAT etc.. whichever is applicable (verification required)
–Are presenting at the conference to which you are traveling (verification required)
–Maintained satisfactory progress toward the completion of their degree
–Has consistently demonstrated professional behavior throughout their participation in the program
–Scholar has been accepted or is applying for admission in a graduate program at the university they are requesting to travel to (If campus visits and or conference trip verification required)
–Has arranged meetings with graduate department staff and faculty at the host university (verification required)

Due to the organizational requirements and financial commitments involved in planning trips, scholars who have requested and been selected to travel on a sponsored trip must be 100% certain they are able to travel. If a scholar cancels without a justified reason after committing to the trip and travel expenses have been paid by the program on behalf of the scholar, the scholar may have to reimburse the program or forfeit their opportunity of future trips or events sponsored by the program. If unforeseen circumstances arise, they must immediately notify the McNair ROP Director or Senior Advisor.

Approved traveler(s) please review Travel Checklist


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