Tools for Research

  Tools for Research:


Lit Review

Effective Reading Strategies

KWL+ and PPPC Handout


SQ3R Handout

Critical Reading for Research Part I

Critical Reading for Research Part II


What is a Literature Review?


McNair Presentation~Lori Townsend

Literature Review by Lora Leligdon

Lit review synthesis matrix



Developing a Research Question


Developing great research questions copy

Developing the Research Question[7]

Operational definitions 2013 handout[9]

The research question[6] copy


Academic Sources


Evaluating Sources_Purdue OWL

Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing_Purdue OWL

Sample Annotated Bibliography

Publish and Flourish Become a Prolific Scholar By Tara Gray


Research Proposal/Methods

 Research Proposal

Writing a Proposal_McNair_ROP

The Research Proposal

Foolproof Research Proposal Template by Dr. Karen of the McNair Scholars Program at the University of Oregon go to

Design and Methods

Research Design Methodology

The Craft of Research by Wayne Booth, Gregory Colomb, and Joseph Williams

Qualitative Research Design by Joseph Maxwell



IRB (Institutional Review Board)


McNair Scholar Research Ethics lecture Warner 022214[2]

UNM Main Campus IRB

Schedule an IRB Consultation Main Campus IRB

Do you…

  • Need help figuring out if you need to submit an IRB application
  • Need help figuring out what documents you need to submit
  • Need help figuring out if your application is ready for review

Our staff is happy to help you with the IRB process, so, e-mail to schedule an IRB consultation!

UNM Office of the IRB

MSC02 1665
1805 Sigma Chi NE
Albuquerque, NM

Tel: (505) 277-2644
Fax: (505) 277-2697

UNM North Campus IRB is also known as the (HRRC)

We support four UNMHSC Human Research Review Committees (HRRC). Our commitment is to promote the safety and protection of individuals involved in human research by providing support, guidance, and education to facilitate ethical and scientifically sound research.

Consultations for IRB North Campus

We invite you to meet with our staff if you are new to research and/or need help with your IRB submission. Please bring a USB drive pre-loaded with a draft of your protocol or submission documents to facilitate your consultation. Contact the to schedule a consult for:


UNM Statistics Consulting Clinic offers FREE assistance to UNM students and staff

Center for Academic Program Support

Career Resources


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