Health and Wellness Resources

Below you will find a list of various physical, mental, and other health related resources available to students at UNM.

SHAC (Student Health and Counseling): SHAC offers medical and counseling services for students at UNM enrolled in at least 6 credit hours any given semester.

Agora Crisis Center: Agora is a crisis hotline designed to provide help for anyone in need of immediate support.  505-277-3013, 866-HELP-1-NM, 800-273-TALK.

Women’s Resource Center: The Women’s Resource Center is set up to advocate for women, and help provide resources to women on campus. They provide short term counseling services, study spaces, and access to several scholarships and programs.

LGBTQ Resource Center: A center devoted to increasing the visibility of the LGBTQ community at UNM, and provide inclusive atmosphere for all UNM students. They offer free short term counseling, and a variety of trainings and educational resources regarding LGBTQ issues.

The Manzanita Counseling Center: An outgrowth of the UNM Counseling program, Manzanita offers free counseling services to UNM students and members of the community.

Accessibility Resource Center (ARC): For students with physical, mental, or learning disabilities, the ARC helps identify resources and navigate UNM policies.

Stress Management: A website run by the University of Georgia to help students manage stress in their lives.

Health Education Resources: A variety of links to information about health and wellness.

Misc: A list of various other health resources on campus and in Albuquerque.