McNair & ROP Summer Research Internship Documents

Scholars prepare for graduate school through GRE prep and Research/graduate school strategies course. Scholars will gain an inside track on how to  successfully navigate through the world of academia in pursuit of their doctoral degree.

2018 Summer Research Internship Calendar for 1st Year Scholars:
Summer Research Internship Calendar

2018 Stipend Criteria and Payment Schedule for 1st Year Scholars: Stipend Criteria 2018

Document Submission Procedures:

  • Naming your documents: Your last name and the name of the assignment should be included in the name of all the documents you submit.  This will make it easier for staff to track your documents and process your stipends.  Follow this example:  “Gonzalez Annotated Bibliography.docx”
  • Submit all documents to (not to staff email addresses)
  • Email subject line should include the name of the assignment (e.g. Annotated Bibliography, Research Plan, etc).
  • Please include a brief sentence or two in the email body letting us know what you are attaching to the email.

2018 Summer Stipend Approval Forms for 1st year Scholars:

Approval forms must be submitted online by each scholar and their respective mentor. One needs to log in with UNM NetID and password to complete the forms.  Links are below:
Scholar Approval Form #1 (Due June 18):

Scholar Approval Form #2 (Due August 10):

Faculty Mentor Approval Form #1 (Due June 18):

Faculty Mentor Approval Form #2 (Due August 10):

Additional Summer Research Internship Documents:

Dr Montoya’s Summer Course* is MGMT 490-005 (CRN# 24615) . *Please note while McNair ROP requires your participation in this summer course, the program does not require you to register for this course for credit, and therefore if you choose to register for this course for credit in the summer, the program cannot pay tuition costs. SyllabusMcNair Summer 2018 Syllabus

Download “Components of a Prime Abstract” Prime Abstract 101
Prime Abstract WorkshopThe Prime Abstract workshop
Sample of Prime Abstracts: Examples of prime abstracts McNairROP 2014

2018 McNairROP Research Plan Guideline (1st & 2nd Year Scholars)

Graduate Application Matrix Template: This template can be modified to add
additional information for you particular needs.  Link

Statement of Purpose Boot Camp

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) Presentation by Jaylene Martinez: NSF_Application_Review_JM

GRE Pretest.  Please take the timed pre-test for the May 21 deadline.  Make sure to take a screenshot of your scores when you are done and send as an email attachment to : Pretest Link

GRE Syllabus (to be updated soon). Math Definitions Definitions, Student Information Sheet GRE Student Information Sheet[2]

GRE score and percentile chartLink

GRE Resources and Handouts
GRE Syllabus: McNair_GRE_Syllabus_2018
Week 1- July 2 Handout (Use chapters 2 & 3 only): gmat math 1-4 (3)

Week 3 – July 20 Essay Information: Essays_Issue_Argument

Week 3 – July 20 – Additional resources from Sara:MP_Ch14_Exponents_RootsMP_Ch12_Percents


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