Unless otherwise specified advising, seminar workshops and any other scheduled McNair/ROP events are mandatory and counts towards your tracked participation in the program.


As scholars you are leaders and professionals in your field. Being on time for your advising appointments and workshop events are important for your professional career. We do note tardiness and no shows without advance notice in your program participation. For advising be mindful of each scholar’s time for their scheduled advisement as each scholar is allotted 30 minutes.

Running late

If you run late your advising session may be cut short or possibly rescheduled depending on how late you arrive as there may be another scholar waiting for their next appointment. We are all professionals and want to respect everyone’s time, especially those scholars that arrive on time to their advising session and workshop events.

Advisement session

Please make sure to come to advisement ready with something to discuss that is relevant to your research and graduate school progress. Please have a pen and something to write on ready for note taking. You will also be expected to send an email back to McNair/ROP program advisor at to summarize what was discussed during your advising session, an action plan and what to discuss for your next meeting. This follow up process is to help each scholar hone their skills in being organized and prepared, as well as develop your assertiveness in pursuing your professional endeavor. In graduate school, and as you will experience now through the McNair/ROP program, each scholar is responsible for following up with their advisors and or faculty mentors for us to effectively help you meet your needs and professional goals.

Advisement Schedule Fall 2015: Fall 2015 Advisement Sch003


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