Faculty Mentor and Scholar Handbooks

Handbook Changes:

Prior to the 2017-2018 academic year our program produced separate handbooks for scholars and mentors.  However, it was hard to access the documents that needed to be printed, filled out and turned into our office.  To make that process easier, we are posting much of the same information below with easily accessible links.

What is McNair & ROP?

Who is Dr. Ronald E. McNair?

Scholar Activities & Timeline: This document gives a good overview of the activities that our scholars are expected to complete while in our program.  Typically our students start the program the fall of their junior year and participate until graduation.

2017-18 Program Activities Calendar

McNair Scholar Agreement Contract: Scholars must sign this document to participate in our program.  This agreement outlines program expectations.

Faculty Mentor Agreement Form: Scholars are responsible for having their faculty mentors fill out this form.  We use the information on this form to pay a one-time $500 stipend to the mentor. Please make sure that all fields are filled!

Draft Stipend Criteria 2018:  This document gives a good overview of the required research documents and activities for our summer research internship.  Therefore it provides an outline for organizing the research project.  Mentors are only responsible for approving the items listed in RED on this document.  This is a draft version and is subject to change before the summer.  No major changes are anticipated.

Research Plan (fillable WORD document): This is a simple document required to receive the first stipend.  The purpose of this document is to briefly describe the research project and demonstrate that the mentor & mentee are on the same page.

Mentor Resources This document provides guidelines for mentors to create a supportive mentoring relationship.



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