Faculty Mentor and Scholar Handbooks


view/download mentor-handbook-2016-2017

The role of a faculty or research mentor is to assist in selecting and designing an appropriate project that can be completed in an academic summer semester and supervise all research-related activities.  The mentor should direct the scholar to the appropriate background literature and provide training and assistance for the scholar to learn required techniques or procedures.  In addition, the research mentor will be asked to review and critique a rough draft of the proposal, abstract, literature review, methodology and final paper.  The faculty or research mentor should be available to offer support and advice for graduate school opportunities.  We encourage our faculty research mentors and scholars to co-author and publish the final research paper.

Scholar Responsibilities 

view/download 2016-2017 Scholar Handbook

Scholars, remember that when you are working with any faculty, staff, or professional member of the community, you not only represent yourself, but you also represent the Ronald E. McNair Scholars and Research Opportunity Programs.  Your words and actions will either open or close the doors for scholars that follow in your footsteps.

In order to respectfully and professionally maintain your working relationship with your mentor, please be sure to do the following:

  1. Set appointments with your mentor in advance.  Always meet those appointments! Try to meet every week during the spring and summer semesters.
  1. After each appointment, send a follow-up e-mail in which you summarize the list of “action points,” or research activities upon which you and your mentor have agreed.
  1. A day or two before you meet with your mentor, send a reminder e-mail.  In this e-mail, explain what you have done since your last meeting, what you would like to accomplish at this meeting, and any questions you might plan to ask.
  1. Be committed to your work; have the dedication that both the research and your mentor deserve.
  1. Above all else, always conduct yourself as a professional and a scholar.

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