Graduate School Recruiter Information


Graduate School Recruiter Registration Information for the 2016 UNM McNair Scholars Research Conference:

The UNM McNair Scholars Research Conference and UNM Career Services’ Graduate and Professional School Fair are two events organized by different programs that cooperate with each other.

  • The 2016 UNM McNair Scholars Research Conference is organized by the UNM McNair & Research Opportunity Programs.  This event is on September 29 & 30 in the Student Union Building at UNM.  Only paid registrants may attend all research conference events.  There will be McNair Scholars from across the country in attendance.
  • The Graduate & Professional School fair is organized by UNM’s Career Services and is free for all UNM students.  This event is on Thursday, September 29 in the Student Union Building at UNM.
  • We hope you will attend both of these great events; keep in mind that you MUST register for each event separately!  
  • To register for the research conference and have more interaction with McNair Scholars, click here: Research Conference
  • To register for the graduate/professional school fair click here: Grad School Fair
  • All students registered for the McNair Research Conference will participate in the graduate/professional school fair from 10:30 a.m. -11:45 a.m on Sept. 29, 2016.
  • All McNair Scholars have conducted research under the guidance of faculty and are planning on applying to graduate school in the near future.
  • UNM is a large Hispanic Serving Institution in the continental U.S. and has a majority of underrepresented students.  Total enrollment for fall 2015 was 27k on the main campus in Albuquerque.

The research conference is on September 29 & 30, 2016 and the graduate/professional school fair is only on September 29, 2016. For more information about the conference click here.