UC Berkeley McNair Research Conference Info for Summer 2017

Conference Travel Expectations (please read and comply)
2017 UC Berkeley Trip Itinerary

UC Berkeley McNair Scholars Research Conference Website Link

Due Dates for UNM McNair/ROP–
1) Conference Abstract (Due: June 30, 8:00am) (see guidelines below)
2) Draft of Poster (Due: July 17, 8:00am)–send a PDF draft to mcnair@unm.edu.  Poster dimensions: 36″ Height x 48″ Wide (3′ x 4″).
3) Poster Review Session (July 19)–each student will sign up for a 30 min session to receive feedback on poster draft
4) Final draft of Poster (Due: July 24, 8:00am)–send PDF of poster to mcnair@unm.edu and we will print the poster for you for free and deliver it to UC Berkeley.

Sample Email for setting up a meeting with a faculty member or expressing interest in their graduate program:
Sample Email to Faculty

Questions to ask a professor/graduate program coordinator/graduate student during a campus visit: 
STEM Majors Questions link

All Majors Questions to Ask Professors and Grad Students Link

Conference Abstract Guidelines (different than Prime Abstract): First, you must submit the conference abstract to mcnair@unm.edu by June 30, 2017. 2nd, after we review your conference abstract and you make any necessary changes, you will then upload it to the UC Berkeley McNair Conference Website: Link to abstract guidelines and submission
To view examples of conference abstracts (the examples are shorter than the 300 word limit for the UC Berkeley Conference): Abstract Examples (pages 28-69)

Research Poster Guidelines for UC Berkeley Conference:
–IMPORTANT–You must email the conference organizers to let them know you wish to present on both Friday & Saturday July 28 & 29, 2017.  The subject line of your email must be : “McNair Symposium Poster Presentation” — In the message please include Name, School, Title of Presentation, and your desire to present on Friday and Saturday.
Email addresses (please send to all 3):  innashapiro@berkeley.edu — rquintero95@berkeley.edu  —  jasononeal@berkeley.edu — mcnair@unm.edu

RESEARCH POSTER CHECKLIST:  Use this CHECKLIST to make sure your poster meets our standards before submission.
Examples of McNair Research Posters (warning: keep in mind that some of these    
        examples do not have all the elements on the checklist above–but yours should):
Poster 1  Poster 2  Poster 3   Poster 4  Poster 5  Poster 6

Poster Logos (see checklist).  To download logos right click on image and chose “save as”:
McNairROPLogo4TRIO McNair

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